How to use

Every blend is meant to be used on either pulse points or on the part of your body that needs support (i.e. for sore muscles or inflammation, you can roll Silver Hammer directly on the spot). When using on specific treatment areas, rub the oil into your skin.

Pulse points can include behind the ears, back or front of the neck, the armpits, temples, wrists, inner elbows, behind the knees, bottoms of the feet, stomach, etc. Vary them up for best results!

Use the oils as many times during the day as you like and keep in mind that in order for the oils to work, you have to use them regularly!

These blends are not intended for internal use although they are all GRAS (generally regarded as safe). 

“Neat” versions of your favorite blend are also available now. “Neat” means 100% pure essential oil with no carrier oil, making them perfect for use in diffusers, in the shower, on a tissue to inhale… You can also use the neat versions in your own carriers oils or lotions for massage or to amp up other personal or beauty products in your routine.

The Neat blends are also for use in Church Oils sea glass diffuser jewelry, a collaboration with COR Design on Kauai. A tiny felt pad with 1-2 drops of your favorite blend inserted into the back of the sea glass will last all day and provide continuous aromatherapy. Felt pads come with any order of the jewelry~ For more information please drop us a line and photos will soon be up on this website!